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How Does Technology Transform Stage Performances?

How Does Technology Transform Stage Performances?

Written by David

November 16, 2018

It can be argued that theatres and stage performances have always, to some extent, employed the latest technologies of the time . Mechanical devices, lighting, and materials have become standard as part of any performance. But as technologies like 3D printing , CGI and other developments improve apace that the theatre’s of the future could become unrecognizable to those that preceded them. In the 1980’s more modern technologies began to change the industry forever. Computer-generated effects began to appear and digitized sound astounded crowds with their clarity and complexity. Source: jalursanga /Flickr Technology has literally changed the stage , from church productions to Broadway. Today stage designers and theatre students need to learn not just the basic principles of acting and directing but also how to use technology to enhance the final production In fact in the internet age, it’s critical this art form at least keeps pace with […]


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