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How Does Industry 4.0 Impact the Future of CNC Machining?

When German economist Klaus Schwab suggested in 2007 that interconnectivity – the internet of things – would drive the future of industry, he envisioned a time when data collection would be used to automate and optimize the efficiency of manufacturing processes.


Industry 4.0 is the materialization of Schwab’s vision and it’s quickly becoming an integral part of CNC machining, 3D Printing, and other innovative manufacturing methods.


Industry 4.0, like earlier major industrial revolutions, promises to reorganize production methods and the type of employee positions needed to support the changes. Progressive CNC machine shops must be prepared to implement the transition, in order to compete in current and future markets. Those in the CNC business shouldn’t fear the change. Industry 4.0 provides the means to collect performance data instantly and use it to make quick decisions for increasing product quality and production efficiency. Faster order delivery, increased demand, and greater […]


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