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How can we use 3d printing for telecommunication?

How can we use 3d printing for telecommunication?

Written by David

March 5, 2019

Telecommunication is all around us, from our phones, WiFi, public transportation to space exploration, it connects people around the globe. Considering how widely used this technology is, there is always room for improvements. We need faster internet, better connection, and improved devices. Can Additive Manufacturing improve telecommunication? 3D printing is perfect for low-volume production , it can bring the costs down as it allows for new design solutions and therefore less material waste . Utilizing 3D technologies is also much faster than traditional manufacturing techniques, new components can be printed within minutes. This means you can start using and benefiting from the products faster. 3D printing is capable of producing fully functional , high quality and even conductive parts . How are the telecommunication giants using this innovative technology to their benefit? Eco connection from Orange Orange is a European leader in the telecommunications sector which provides communication service […]


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