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How Can I Connect with Other People Doing 3D Printing?

Back to top It’s always a good idea to connect with people with whom you share interests — in this case, 3D printing. Here are some of the best ways to connect with people who are doing 3D printing. Why Connect? Formnext, an exhibition and conference on additive manufacturing. Source: These days, people usually get into 3D printing for one of two reasons: work or play. Both are important for developing new interests and passions. And connecting with people doing the same things as you can help you expand your knowledge and gain access to new opportunities. 3D printing is a process that requires a lot of technical know-how, and sometimes the best way to learn is through other people. Whether in person or through digital platforms, there’s a lot to be gained from interacting with others, from tips that help improve the quality of your prints to […]


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