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How can contractors guard against legal challenges in the digital age?

Nesreen Osman, Pinsent Masons. In this exclusive comment piece for Construction Week, infrastructure dispute specialist Nesreen Osman, a soon-to-be partner at law firm Pinsent Masons , says the digital shift could create as many problems as it solves, with built assets becoming an attractive target for hackers and disputes unlikely to dissipate. Some say emerging technologies, such as blockchain and artificial intelligence , can prevent construction disputes and eliminate payment delays. What do you think? I think eventually, yes, technologies such as blockchain and AI will prevent some construction disputes and they will help to eliminate payment delays. However, the issue is not really a question of whether they will do this, it is a matter of when. The construction industry is very traditional and to date has been relatively slow to adopt new technologies and ways of working. As a result, I think it may be some time […]


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