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How Bugatti uses SLM Solutions 3D printing for functional car parts

Written by David

March 12, 2019

In the intersecting worlds of automotive and additive manufacturing, French luxury carmaker Bugatti and metal 3D printing company SLM Solutions can be considered something of a dream team. The two companies have been working together since as early as 2014 to redesign and optimize vehicle components using additive manufacturing. In fact, Bugatti has become an important example of how metal 3D printing can accelerate industrial development in the automotive industry. Over the years, Bugatti has leveraged SLM Solutions’ metal AM technology to produce a range of functional parts for its sports cars, including a brake caliper that is recognized as the largest functional component 3D printed from titanium. The impressive part, produced from Ti 6 Al 4 V using an SLM500 printer, was realized in partnership with Fraunhofer IAPT (formerly Laser Zentrum Nord ) and Bionic Production AG and performed admirably in tests. 3D printed brake caliper Frank Götzke, […]


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