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How are 3D printers being used in hospitals?

How are 3D printers being used in hospitals?

Written by David

January 16, 2019

The medical industry has become a big user of 3D printing/additive manufacturing. In hospitals, 3D printers serve a number of applications. Anatomical modeling. When it comes to planning a surgery, most surgeons previously relied on 2D imaging to examine patient anatomy. Now, with 3D printing, surgeons can use precise replicas of patient anatomy and plan detailed surgeries. If a surgery is complex, these models are used to practice every detail of a surgery first. The result is usually faster surgeries, better surgical results, and better patient recovery. Here are a few of the stories we’ve covered recently: Dental Dentistry has been a big user of 3D printing for some time now, from invisible braces to specific surgeries for upper and lower jaws. According to a 2018 report from SmarTech Publishing, the use of 3D printing in this industry grew by more than 35% for the […]


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