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How ANYWAVES is developing small satellite antennas using ceramic AM

How ANYWAVES is developing small satellite antennas using ceramic AM

Written by Paul

December 15, 2020

ANYWAVES, a spin-off of the French Space Agency (CNES), is a leading force in the development of antennas for aerospace applications using additive manufacturing and ceramic materials.


The company, which specializes in the design and fabrication of antennas for small satellites, has therefore found a natural partner in Limoges-based 3DCERAM , one of the pioneers of ceramic 3D printing . Leveraging 3DCERAM’s in-depth knowledge of AM and ceramic materials, ANYWAVES has been able to bring its antenna concepts and designs to life. The company combines the benefits of technical ceramic materials—including extreme heat resistance and strengths that can withstand the harsh environment of space—with those of AM, notably design freedom and agile production volumes. The young aerospace company recently came up with an innovative concept for ceramic antennas that optimize radiofrequency performance through ceramic (specifically, zirconia) lattice structures. 3DCERAM, which has brought to market its own SLA-based ceramic AM technology, worked closely with ANYWAVES to find the best production process for the antenna application. Specifically, ANYWAVES worked with 3D-AIM, 3DCERAM’s consulting service that specializes in the aerospace industry. The service supports companies as they develop ceramic 3D printing applications, collaborating in the conception stage and subsequently managing the design […]


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