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How 3D printing is transforming the board game industry

How 3D printing is transforming the board game industry

Written by David

December 4, 2018

What if you could 3D print a new lamp, designed by an Internet stranger for free, rather than ordering one from Amazon? When 3D printing tech goes mainstream, it will almost certainly revolutionize ecommerce (and create a whole new kind of online piracy). But until then, we’re observing a microcosm of that play out in the tabletop gaming space, where designers are modeling pieces and creating entirely new games that players can download, print, or play virtually. This week on 2 Girls 1 Podcast , Alli and Jen (actors who perform weird internet stuff on stage) talk with Arian Croft (aka dutchmogul) of Ill Gotten Games, one of the most prolific and well-followed designers on Thingiverse, about this passionate community. Listen to the show: This week’s episode is supported by Penguin Random House Audio , which publishes thousands of award-winning audiobooks every year, including some great holiday suggestions like […]


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