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How 3D Printing Could Change the Maritime Industry

How 3D Printing Could Change the Maritime Industry

Written by David

May 5, 2019

Innovation and new technologies are the cornerstones of the development of any industry. When it comes to maritime, nowadays the attention falls on creative solutions to help with the air pollution problem from ships. Although, other areas of the industry can also be impacted by new technologies like 3D printing. The question is whether that impact will be positive or negative? For Better The very nature of ships dictates that they’re always on the move. This means that access to repair facilities or parts storage is limited to the short time vessels are docked. However, with 3D printers aboard ships, there will be an opportunity to produce parts right there in case of emergency. Not only that, the various components and spare parts printed could be easily customised to provide a solution to the most complex situations. 3D printing auxiliary ship parts is not the only advantage this technology […]


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