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How 3D Printing Challenges Traditional Manufacturing

How 3D Printing Challenges Traditional Manufacturing

Written by David

May 29, 2019

3D printing has had a major impact on the world of manufacturing. This article looks at how weakness in traditional manufacturing have given additive manufacturing an opportunity to expand. The traditional process: From designer to manufacturer How do you turn an idea into reality? For many decades, it has been the same old story. An engineer designs a part and decides on its shape, material and other factors. A rudimentary prototype may be fabricated. But when it comes to manufacturing the part for its end use, the engineer has to find a manufacturer capable of making the part to a professional standard and at scale. Parts can be designed anywhere, but factories full of machines are needed to make them. Depending on the part being made, manufacturers may use any number of manufacturing processes to make it. They may use machining, in which a block of metal is cut […]


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