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How 3D Printing Can Jumpstart Developing Economies

How 3D Printing Can Jumpstart Developing Economies

Written by David

March 20, 2019

Stratasys, an American-Israeli maker of 3D printers, is among the Western companies working to build up additive manufacturing in developing countries. Bloomberg News. BLOOMBERG NEWS These are worrisome times in much of the developing world. Because of automation, companies in the West are needing less low-cost labor, so they are “reshoring” production closer to their customers. Even the labor-intensive work of sewing can be handled by robots, as factories in the United States are now demonstrating with T-shirts. That’s bad news for countries looking to follow the “Tiger” model of East Asian development from the 20 th century. No longer can they expect to gain scale and capital by specializing in low-skilled, export-oriented industries such as textiles and consumer electronics. Will they now be forced back into their old, slow path of development, through exporting natural resources and agricultural products? Fortunately, what technology is taking away, it can also […]


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