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How 3D printing can help to address shortages in COVID-19 life-saving ventilation devices

Dozens of organizations and hundreds of additive manufacturing companies are racing to help governments and healthcare institutions around the world address the shortage of life-saving respiration aids for intensive care COVID-19 patients who have difficulties breathing autonomously.


3D printing COVID-19 devices can be a viable option in some cases and 3dpbm has reported on many of these. However, in many cases, there is a limited flow of accurate information on the difference between the various types of machinery used according to the severity of each situation.


To address this general lack of clear information, 3dpbm was able to consult with intensive care specialists who provided an overview of the different assisted respiration options available in an intensive care unit for treating different types of respiratory failure. Respiratory insufficiency and failure is a condition in which blood doesn’t have enough oxygen or has too much carbon dioxide. When you breathe, […]


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