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How 3D Printers Work – Simply Explained

How 3D Printers Work – Simply Explained

Written by David

February 13, 2019

3D printing is neither new nor limited to parts created from extruded plastic. Let’s learn more about the established technologies, including how they work and what makes them unique. Maybe someday we’ll have synthesizers, too. Source: Star Trek: The Next Generation Many of us will be familiar with the Star Trek scene where Captain Picard steps up to the food synthesizer and says, “Tea, Earl Grey, hot,” and the drink miraculously appears. When you mention 3D printing to the uninitiated, this is sometimes what they expect. The reality is that 3D printing is a lot more down to earth and certainly easier to understand than matter scrambling. In this article, we’ll look at how this approach to manufacturing has become a mainstay among hobbyists and engineers alike. Manufacturing by subtractive machining. Source: TCT Magazine Most people are familiar with the concept of subtractive manufacturing, if not so much the […]


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