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How 3D printers are transforming flying

London (CNN Business)The next time you hop on a plane, there’s a good chance some of its parts will have been made using a printer. The world’s top aerospace firms are increasing their use of 3D printers in order to speed up the manufacturing process, save money and make aircraft that burn less fuel. 3D printers could help Boeing ( BA ) and Airbus ( EADSF ) to reduce their massive order backlogs. But they’re also capable of producing parts that are superior to those made using traditional methods. “The technology allows us to manufacture parts of a complexity that was just not achievable by means of standard cutting,” Grazia Vittadini, Airbus’ chief technology officer, told CNN. The first Airbus plane to use a part made with a 3D printer took off in 2014. The component was a small titanium bracket, part of the pylon used to hold the […]


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