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How 3D printed models add value in a clinical setting

How 3D printed models add value in a clinical setting

Written by David

May 19, 2020

Medical 3D printing firm, Axial3D, explains how 3D printed models add value within clinical discussions.


Case study


Axial3D wanted to create a 3D printed cervical spine gunshot trauma model, however, the number of small fragments next to the spine made this difficult. Therefore, the fragments needed to be connected to the model in a secure way. By using a Formlabs Form 3 printer, the model was able to be segmented and shipped within 48 hours, and the model was created using a single CT scan.


Challenges exist such as the need to segment the model whilst reducing noise from bullet fragments. This is due to the effect noise can have by making it harder to see problems. Additionally, care must be taken around arteries in the patient which could result in major blood loss to the brain. “Having access to a patient’s full-scale anatomical model has allowed surgeons to […]


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