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History of 3D Printing – Who Invented the 3D Printer?

History of 3D Printing – Who Invented the 3D Printer?

Written by David

December 23, 2018

We remember Gutenberg as the inventor of movable type and Edison as the inventor of the light bulb. Each made critical advancements, but each had important predecessors as well. And so it was with 3D printing. Patent drawing from an abandoned French 3D printer. Source: Charles “Chuck” Hull deservedly takes the honor of inventing 3D printing. He devised the first successful stereolithography machine and was awarded a US patent for his invention. BC (Before Chuck) Interestingly, some years before Hull’s invention, Doctor Hideo Kodama of Nagoya Municipal Industrial Research Institute published an article detailing how “a solid model is fabricated by exposing liquid photo-hardening polymer to ultraviolet rays, … stacking the cross-sectional solidified layers.” Sounds like a 3D printer! Kodama even made some parts but never got around to completing his patent specification. A French team composed of Jean-Claude André, Olivier de Witte, and Alain le Méhauté came […]


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