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High-performance, 3D-printed heat exchangers cool aircraft engines

High-performance, 3D-printed heat exchangers cool aircraft engines

Written by David

March 19, 2019

A nickel superalloy AM plate-fin heat exchanger exceeds conventional heat exchanger performance. Temperatures in modern jet engines and aircraft subsystems are heating up. Electronics packages are performing more tasks and powering larger engines. Cooling is critical.Heat exchangers, key to lowering an engine’s thermostatic readings, have been given the unique challenge of handling the increasingly aggressive heat removal requirements. They need to incorporate higher heat transfer properties while simultaneously fitting into smaller spaces. United Technologies Corp. (UTC), in conjunction with America Makes , the U.S. Department of Defense, and UTC’s Additive Manufacturing Center of Expertise (AMCoE) has been using additive manufacturing (AM) to design and build heat exchangers that are more efficient, more compact, and more reliable than those produced with traditional manufacturing methods. Other project participants include Stratonics, 3DSIM, 3rd Dimension, University of Connecticut, and two UTC business units—Collins Aerospace and Pratt & Whitney. Venkat Vedula, executive director, AMCoE, […]


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