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Heavy trucks do heavy lifting for 3D printing

Heavy trucks do heavy lifting for 3D printing

Written by Paul

October 23, 2018

For now, makers of heavy trucks and equipment are ahead of auto manufacturers in their use of 3D printing. A recent report by the consulting firm Carlisle & Co. lists six manufacturers in these industries that are producing aftermarket parts with 3D printers. Daimler Trucks North America uses 3D printers to produce interior trim pieces, dashboard covers and other plastic parts that customers can’t find anywhere else. “We’re only doing non-safety-relevant parts, never something that could cause a truck to break down along the side of the road,” says Nathan Zamani, senior purchasing agent for Daimler. Zamani notes that making parts with 3D printers is currently more expensive than conventional means. But he adds that costs are coming down and Daimler is eyeing the technology for parts for new vehicles. “About two years ago, when we really started dedicating resources to this, 3D printing with plastics was three to […]


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