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Heath Townsend, Evol Components wins Make it Real challenge

Heath Townsend, Evol Components wins Make it Real challenge

Written by Paul

December 10, 2020

The bracket is designed to clip around the motorbike forks to secure the indicator light in place.


Heath is interested in teasing and pushing the limitations of 3D printing and investigating its efficiency potential. The lightweight organic design takes advantage of COR Alpha’s unique properties. It’s both incredibly light and rugged enough to survive the heat, vibration, and possible impact of being part of a high-speed vehicle. The Make it Real 3D printing challenge invited designers, engineers, and makers from around the world to submit ideas that take advantage of a new rugged 3D printing material, COR Alpha. COR Alpha is an entirely new additive manufacturing material that can produce products impossible to manufacture any other way. COR Alpha offers the quality and strength of an injection molded part with the complex geometry and customization of 3D printing. “All of the finalists had amazing ideas, but Heath stood out […]


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