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Heart Pump from a 3D Printer

Heart Pump from a 3D Printer

Written by Paul

October 23, 2018

ETH doctoral student Kai von Petersdorff-Campen has developed a method to create products containing magnets using 3D printing. He used an artificial heart pump to demonstrate the operating principle–and won an international prototype competition. When Kai von Petersdorff-Campen decided to make an artificial heart pump using 3D printing, he did not suspect that his project would attract so much attention. The piece of plastic that he took from the printer after 15 hours was of very low quality. But as the ensuing test showed, it worked–and that was the key point. “My goal was not to make a good heart pump, but to demonstrate the principle of how it can be produced in a single step,” says Petersdorff-Campen. Positive resonance The 26-year-old doctoral student in the Department of Mechanical and Process Engineering developed the prototypes this spring within just a few months. He then received an invitation to the […]


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