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Have you ever wanted to make a 3D design? All you’ll need is a library card.

Muted zips and mechanical whirrs could be heard on the second floor of Washington Memorial Library late Wednesday morning as a figurine of a wizard was printed into existence. The sleek white gizmo, which looks more like a miniature refrigerator with a glass door, is one of two 3D printers at Middle Georgia Regional libraries purchased a few months ago with federal grant money. Another printer is located at Lanford Library on Houston Road. “One of the things that was most surprising for us when it first started is that we had teen programs and different activities on the schedule, and our adults kept showing up … with very practical application of prototyping and things like that,” Jennifer Lautzenheiser, director of the Middle Georgia Regional Library System, told The Telegraph. “We thought, ‘Our community is more ready for this that we anticipated,’ which is a good thing.” The 3D […]


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