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Has the Pandemic Killed Globalization? Not a Chance.

Has the Pandemic Killed Globalization? Not a Chance.

Written by David

September 14, 2020

The sudden stop of the global economy in 2020 has brought to everyone’s attention the interconnectedness of supply chains across countries and continents. Add to this the mounting tensions between the US and China, with President Trump now pushing for a decoupling from the Chinese economy as a key part of his re-election campaign.


Many question whether the events of 2020 will leave us with a less globalised world. Some even wonder whether COVID-19 has killed globalisation. But globalisation has not run its course. People were questioning its future long before 2020, citing pressure from protectionism and nationalism.


In response, Frans Appel, CEO of Deutsche Post, made a compelling case in December 2019, backed by extensive data analysis , that globalisation was holding up remarkably well. Since then, the pandemic has severely reduced cross-border flows like global trade . But wherever infection rates have come under control and lockdowns […]


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