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Hands On With The ANET ET4 3D Printer: Part 2

Hands On With The ANET ET4 3D Printer: Part 2

Written by David

October 11, 2019

The filament path includes a pass through a filament-out detector, as seen here. If the filament runs out during a print job, the ANET ET4 will pause and allow you to change the material, thus you won’t lose a print due to partial filament spools.


A few touches on the control panel set the hot end to a target temperature. When the temperature is achieved (in my case for PLA, 200C), the extruder slowly feeds the filament all the way through to the nozzle. Eventually you’ll see fresh filament emerging from the nozzle.


You’ll also need to insert the microSD card into the tiny slot on the left side of the machine to enable access to the sample print files. The […]


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