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Gutfeld on 3D printed steaks

Gutfeld on 3D printed steaks

Written by David

March 5, 2019

We at “The Five” love a good cooking segment . It’s the dinner hour, after all, and who doesn’t love a delicious, mouthwatering steak ! Like one being lovingly prepared…by a 3D printer. MARINES AT CAMP PENDLETON 3D-PRINT A CONCRETE BRIDGE IN 3 DAYS Yeah – the chef is basically a fax machine with a nozzle. Worse: this is a vegan steak – no, it’s not made of vegans – the ink from its cartridge is made from rice, peas and yes, seaweed. Yea, seaweed. Scrumptelicious. Who needs a cow when you can have a beefy ribeye made by the same thing that prints your expense reports? The fake meat comes from a company in Spain. It takes 10 minutes to print, two minutes to cook … one minute to vomit. I have a better idea. Instead of 3D printing a steak … 3D print a cow. But – […]


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