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Great Set of 3D Printing Accessories on Kickstarter

Great Set of 3D Printing Accessories on Kickstarter

Written by David

August 10, 2020

The Stacker F1 printer, currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, looks like a great printer. However, the company is also offering a fantastic set of accessories as part of the campaign, and I thought they were cool enough to be worth a separate write-up.


Anyone who has done 3D printing has at one time or another struggled to get their print off the print bed. My printer came with a metal spatula that works fine on most things, but honestly isn’t sharp enough to really get under some bigger prints. The tool promises to be sharp enough and flexible enough to solve this oh-so-common issue, and includes innovations like rounded corners to prevent the tool from scratching print beds, and a striking cap on the handle when you just need to resort to brute force. More important, though, is the need to keep your filament […]


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