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Graphene 3D Printing – Can It Be Done?

Graphene 3D Printing – Can It Be Done?

Written by David

May 16, 2019

Back to top As discoveries around graphene applications abound, many are wondering if it can be scaled to 3D. This could have revolutionary effects, but it begs the question, have scientists been successful in graphene 3D printing? Find out! A sample of graphene flakes. Source: Graphenea So, is it possible to 3D print graphene? The short answers is, not really. Here’s why. Graphene is pure carbon, just like coal and graphite. So, what’s so special and promising about it? Graphene exists as a single layer of carbon atoms bonded together in a honeycomb-like structure. The bond is extremely strong but very light. In fact, scientists say graphene is 10 times stronger than a diamond and 100 times stronger than steel. Apart from its impressive strength and lightness, graphene is electrically conductive. This means graphene has great potential to replace silicon in all our electronics. Experts have also noticed the […]


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