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Global Additive Applications Summit to present innovative 3D Printing solutions.

BigRep, the Berlin-based global leader in large-format 3D printing, has partnered with RedCabin, a tech conference expert consultancy, to host some of the world’s leading industrial companies using Additive Manufacturing (AM) based on 3D-printing at the exclusive Global Additive Applications Summit (GAAS) in the German capital on October 30 and 31.


The high-level conference will bring together leaders from across industries to discuss their use cases, innovative applications and new opportunities in AM with experts, engineers and designers from the international 3D printing community.


The event also serves to demonstrate Berlin’s role as a dynamic hub for start-ups and 21 st century disruptive technologies. “As a leader in industrial AM solutions we are invested in growing processes, materials, applications, and their effective implementation to push modern manufacturing forward,” says BigRep Managing Director Martin Back. “The GAAS is showing how additive technology’s focus is evolving from prototyping to the production […]


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