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Give the Gift of Perspective: 3D Cityscapes by Chisel & Mouse

Give the Gift of Perspective: 3D Cityscapes by Chisel & Mouse

Written by David

December 13, 2018

I’m writing this from window seat 37A of Delta flight DL2288—nonstop service from New York City to San Diego, California. Up here, with Manhattan pinched between an index finger and thumb, one remembers forgotten perspectives. Down there, Chisel & Mouse do something important; they digitize and 3D print our favorite architecture. They handcraft with moulding and plaster-casting the cities that we hold close to our hearts. Scaled to the nearest meter at 1:5000, Chisel & Mouse develops elegant shrinking machines for our fears and dreams. Chisel & Mouse is now offering three series’ of precise 3D cityscapes—three also being the number of menu choices for 2288’s in-flight breakfast. New York ‘Blue River’ Cityscape By Chisel & Mouse Classic Series: nine precise cityscapes—London, Manhattan’s southern tip, Venice’s Canal Grande, Berlin, Los Angeles, Rome, Paris, Chicago, Boston, and Amsterdam. All Classic Series’ models measure 30 cm x 30 cm, are enclosed […]


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