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Genysis, A Revolutionary AI With Almost Limitless Applications For Materials Transformation

Written by David

March 2, 2019

Our products should create the next version of the human, not service humanity after it has evolved — Francis Bitonti, Founder of Studio Bitonti Hip Replacement created by Genysis Studio Bitonti We hear a lot about mass customization these days. Generally it’s in reference to products, but in today’s rapidly advancing technology the line between product and human is changing. Labs such as Prellis Biolabs are close to overcoming problems of capillary creation for 3D printed organs. Imagine a world where you can customize replacement body parts exactly for your body’s specifications? It’s an exciting concept and one that is now possible with Genysis from Studio Bitonti. Genysis is a 3D algorithmic design software that has created everything from replacement hips and cranial implants for the health industry to 3D printed textiles and shoes for fashion brands. This is not another 3D printing software program that can manipulate shapes. […]


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