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GE, Vera Announce 3D Printing Security System

Munich, Germany, UK & Palo Alto, Calif. November 14, 2018 – Today GE Additive and Vera, the trusted standard for securing and sharing enterprise data, announced a new technology integration to secure the additive workflow from design to print. With GE Additive and Vera, design engineers can dynamically protect and encrypt their proprietary manufacturing designs before transferring to the next step in their build preparation workflow, or upon final submission to GE Additive printers. “Today’s additive workflow uses a vast array of unsecured mix of tools, technologies, and formats,” said Lars Bruns, software leader at GE Additive. “To help the industry grow and lower barriers of adoption, we need to drive towards a secure, more integrated workflow that protects design IP from theft or illegitimate use at the point of design. Together with Vera, we’re enabling usability and efficiency from the design creation in CAD tools all the way […]


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