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GE Transportation to produce up to 250 3D printed locomotive parts by 2025

Written by David

September 28, 2018

GE Transportation is in early trials of using additive manufacturing to produce locomotive components. If the trial proves to be successful, 3D printing could be used in the production of up to 250 locomotive components by 2025. Image credit: GE Transportation The company is looking to build on the experience of GE’s aviation business with 3D printing to reduce the time needed to produce components. The 3D printed components can also be more compact and more precisely designed to meet the end use requirement, according to Dominique Malenfant, Vice-President of Global Technology. GE Transportation will use binder jetting for rail component. Binder jetting is an additive manufacturing process in which a liquid binding agent is selectively deposited to make the metal powder stick together. The binder acts as an adhesive between powder layers. After each layer, the object being printed is lowered on its build platform and another layer […]


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