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GE Aviation to install additive manufactured bracket on GEnx commercial airline engines

GE Additive PDOS additive bracket for GEnx-2B engine. GE Additive and GE Aviation have received Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) ‘change in design’ approval to replace a conventionally manufactured power door opening system (PDOS) bracket, used on GE Aviation’s GEnx-2B commercial airline engines, with an additively manufactured bracket. The new additively manufactured PDOS brackets, which are used on the ground to open and close the fan cowl doors to enable access to the fan compartment for maintenance, will be mass produced at GE Aviation’s facility in Auburn, Alabama, using GE Additive Concept Laser M2 cusing Multilaser machines this month. The original PDOS brackets on the GEnx-2B engines, which power the Boeing 747-8, were milled from a solid block of metal, resulting in approximately 50 percent of material waste. With an improved design and using metal 3D printing in cobalt chrome, that waste has been reduced by as much as 90% […]


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