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Future Uses For 3D Printing In Space

Future Uses For 3D Printing In Space

Written by David

November 21, 2018

Astronauts venturing deep into space could receive medical treatments using 3D-printed skin, bone and – one day – entire organs, according to a leading group of 3D bioprinting experts who gathered at ESA’s technical heart The Apollo astronauts on approximately 12-day trips to the Moon took a small medical bag whose contents included bandages, antibiotics and aspirin. Future space travellers isolated for months or years away from Earth will require much greater and more flexible medical support. An ESA-led project is investigating the use of 3D bioprinting to support medical treatment of long-duration space expeditions and planetary settlements. Leading experts from the field met at ESA’s ESTEC centre in Noordwijk, the Netherlands for a two-day workshop. In the same way as standard 3D printers use plastics or metals to construct three-dimensional objects, 3D bioprinters use ‘bio-inks’ based on human cells, and the nutrients and materials needed to regrow body […]


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