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Future 3D Printers – What’s Needed to Take them to the Next Level Although the future looks very bright for 3D printing, the technology is currently facing a number of hurdles that must be overcome to take it to the next level. Compared to conventional fabrication techniques, 3D printing is often slower and more cost prohibitive. There are also issues associated with quality and sustainability. For 3D printing to become even more viable in the future, the following issues need to be addressed. Faster Speed A layer-by-layer production system requires a fixed duration of time to complete, which means that each item takes the same amount of time to produce. With conventional fabrication systems like injection molding, however, production can be automated and items can be quickly mass-manufactured, after the initial development of tools and molds, which reduces the production time. For short production runs, 3D printing is superior to conventional techniques designed for mass production. However, for scale purposes, traditional […]


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