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Fuller Moto is a leading automotive and motorcycle design and customization shop that inspires, educates and entertains those with a creative spirit and a do-it-yourself attitude. The Atlanta, Georgia based company doesn’t just customize bikes but also educates and works with gear-heads, enthusiasts and hands-on builders. It is lead and inspired by Bryan Fuller, who is also a master builder, designer as well as a TV personality and author of how-to-build books through his own publishing company, Full-Bore Publishing. The latest project to emerge from this ideal company is the Fuller Moto 2029, a perfect blend of the latest manufacturing technologies with traditional metal craft. At its core, the art of motorcycle building is still very similar to its origins. The difference now is the role technology plays in the evolution of the craft and in the innovation of design. Fuller Moto’s 2029 takes a nod from a bike […]

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