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Full-color 3D scanning on your iPhone X (and up)

Full-color 3D scanning on your iPhone X (and up)

Written by David

November 19, 2018

  • Pros: Very easy to use. Good improvements. Love the sketch fab integration and the ability to export your scans for in-depth clean up.
  • Cons: Due to hardware it‘s difficult to scan very small objects; would be great to have a way to clean up/edit some of the geometry in app.


I think this has been the best mobole scanning app since 123d Catch! It has impvoed a lot since it first was released each time making it easier to use. I‘m a fine artist working in in multiple disciplines and this app has alllowed me to easily scan objects for 3d printing and digital spaces As well as 3d records for fine art sculpting. I also work in large scale 3d scanning(people) and it’s its great to be able to see both large scale pro hardware versus mobile scanning. It’s also great to create medium to large size assets […]


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