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From Prototype to Product: The Rise of 3D Metal Printing

From Prototype to Product: The Rise of 3D Metal Printing

Written by David

September 12, 2020

At a Glance: Desktop Metal’s shift in applications from prototyping and tooling to high-volume production of end-use parts ostensibly ushers in the next wave of mass manufacturing technology.


The metals additive manufacturing solutions company will become publicly listed with Trine for a combined post-transaction equity value of $2.5 billion. Metal manufacturers are bringing 3D printers and their digital solutions to the assembly line to lower production costs and lead times for a variety of metal parts. When Desktop Metal announced its intention to become a publicly listed company, the 3D printing industry perked up. Only time can fill in the blanks of how companies were able to whittle through challenges posed by the pandemic, but the announcement called attention to the metal 3D printing company’s ability to compete with other industrial production processes at scale. The move marks a milestone in the growth of additive manufacturing (AM) and effectively […]


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