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Four Ways 4D Printing Is Becoming a Reality

Four Ways 4D Printing Is Becoming a Reality

Written by David

February 17, 2019

If you’re immersed in tech news, every once in a while you come across a new story about 4D printing. The concept itself isn’t too difficult to understand. If 3D printing is layer-by-layer fabrication of an object, then 4D printing adds the fourth dimension: time. Once produced, a 4D-printed object reacts to its environment and changes over time. In this way, a 4D-printed object is a form of programmable matter. What’s a bit harder to grapple with is the actual applications of this emerging technology. What is 4D printing good for? To answer this question, we will explore a number of applications of 4D printing, ranging from medical research to fashion with an eye toward the future of this uniquely fascinating technology. Bioprinting Perhaps the most advanced version of “4D printing” is bioprinting in that, once stem cells are printed, they are cultured to maturation, that is, transformed over […]


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