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Fortify launches CKM material handling module

Fortify launches CKM material handling module

Written by David

March 22, 2020

Boston-based 3D printing startup Fortify has announced the launch of its Continuous Kinetic Mixing (CKM) system, which will complement its Fluxprint 3D printing module and enable new functionality in printed photopolymers.


The CKM system is a material handling module for polymers filled with fiber and particle additives. The CKM material handling system incorporates additives into polymers to improve mechanical performance, as well as thermal and electrical properties. Fortify says its platform results in materials with the scalability, resolution and surface quality of photopolymers and the strength of high-performance polymers.


“Developing Continuous Kinetic Mixing was an integral part of Fortify’s strategy. It will play a critical role in manufacturing functional parts,” commented Fortify CEO and Co-Founder Josh Martin. “We’re excited to incorporate this material handling module with our Fluxprint process to solve the application challenges of our customers. FLUX ONE printer, which […]


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