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Fortify and DSM developing high performance composite resins for 3D printing

Written by David

February 28, 2019

3D printed composite part for the manufacturing industry Boston-based AM company Fortify is teaming up with multinational science company DSM to develop high performance composite resin materials for 3D printing structural parts. The partnership will combine Fortify’s innovative Digital Composite Manufacturing (DCM) technology and DSM’s expertise in resin development to bring new, higher performing 3D printing composites to market. Fortify is a new but exciting player in the composite 3D printing game. The company has developed a novel AM process called Digital Composite Manufacturing which uses magnetics and digital light processing (DLP) to print composite parts with strong mechanical properties and tuneable stiffness and weight. In short, the technology uses magnets to align the reinforcing composites within the polymer resin, ensuring precise fiber alignment in the printed part. Working with Fortify will enable DSM to develop high performance composite resins for DLP 3D printing, as its DCM platform will […]


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