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Nine Most Recent Posts in Food

3D printing and food: 5 things you need to know

Gael Delamare (pictured) discusses the pros and cons of 3D printing The relationship between 3D printing and food is not straightforward ​ The typical non-food printable materials include plastic, silicone and steel that are based on a majoritarian or single polymer...

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Campden announces 3D printing seminar

Campden BRI has begun a research project to assess and evaluate how 3D printing applications could benefit the food industry. Ingredient scientist, Gael Delamare, who is leading the team, said: “There have been major steps forward in 3D-printing in recent years and it...

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You Can Now 3D Print Your Hummus

3D Printers are upgrading your vegan hummus game It’s official, you can now 3D print your own hummus. If that’s not enough, you could even 3D print your own hummus — or guacamole, or whatever food you fancy — into a variety of shapes, including a heart, dolphins, a...

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3D Printed Cakes – The Most Mouthwatering Projects

3D printed food isn't limited to basic sustenance. Discover the world of 3D printed cakes, which could well serve to be the future of fancy pastries. A lemon meringue tart, courtesy of a 3D Chef printer. Source: It’s no secret that 3D printed food has...

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