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First full-size 3D-printed car is a tribute to David Bowie

First full-size 3D-printed car is a tribute to David Bowie

Written by David

January 23, 2019

A full-size 3D-printed car that is a tribute to David Bowie, will be a star attraction at this year’s Festival Automobile International (FAI) in Paris from 31 January. Massivit 3D Printing Technologies, a provider of large format 3D printing solutions, in partnership with large format 3D printing specialist Marie 3D and car designer Takumi Yamamoto, will unveil the world’s first 3D printed, full-scale concept car. FAI president Rémi Depoix says: “It is the first time in our 34-year history that we are exhibiting a full-scale car that has been entirely produced with 3D printing. Yamamoto’s concept car demonstrates immense creativity. We were keen to support this project and present the car almost as a piece of art, very much like a sculpture. I am very impressed with this new technology. It opens up new opportunities in terms of creativity and design for the automotive industry.” Yamamoto, designer of the […]


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