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First FDA Approved 3D Printed Drug Paved: New Path For Increased Precision In Patient Care

Written by Paul

November 2, 2018

The growth of the pharmaceutical industry and its willingness to explore novel strategies in drug development and delivery is reshaping the industry and renewing interest in how to optimize therapies and increase precision in patient care. Specifically, innovations in science and technology are creating exciting opportunities to treat rare diseases and advance personalized medicine. However, traditional methods for development and manufacturing do not offer the efficiency and speed needed to keep pace with this evolution. In addition, rising brand and generic competition is adding to market pressures, as pharmaceutical manufacturers must seek approaches that address patient needs in more unique ways. These reasons are why it is critical that the industry explores other methods to maximize productivity and improve the patient experience. In 2015, the approval of the epilepsy treatment Spritam created a potential avenue for doing so as it was the first prescription drug manufactured using 3D printing […]

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