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Filament-maker Printalot hopes to expand their regional market at Inside 3D Printing Expo Brazil

Today, the Latin American 3D printing ecosystem is beginning to mimic what developed countries have been doing for the past decade. Albeit at a slower pace, some companies have sprung out of a need to fill a void, like Printalot, a pioneer in 3D printing filament in Argentina and a significant supplier to 3D printing enthusiasts, companies and academia in Brazil. When they started their business, back in 2013, there was barely an industry, most of the 3D printers were home-made and the filament was hard to come by. Growing demand for the product and an interest in the technology spurred industrial engineers and best friends Mariano Pérez and Mariano Scian to create Printalot . At the time, limited imports, high taxes, and tiny market demand were a bad combination, seriously limiting the amount of material available for 3D printing. Eventually, more entrepreneurs and younger generations that experienced 3D […]


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