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Fiat Unveils Centoventi Modular Concept Electric Car with 3D Printable Parts

Written by David

March 8, 2019

Back to top Italian vehicle manufacturer Fiat has unveiled an electric concept car called the Centoventi. Completely modular, the vehicle can be customized with 3D printable parts that could be fabricated at home. At the Geneva Motor Show , Fiat launched the Centoventi concept car — a curious vehicle notable not for being weird or wonderful like many of the cars it shares the show floor with, but for its likely appeal to 3D printing fanatics eager to customize their world. Fiat’s concept car is completely modular, and the company suggests that with the rise of 3D printing it’ll become possible to print new parts at home. Displayed at the show as a grey metal model, the Centroventi bears some resemblance to the company’s Panda , albeit with a plethora of customization options. The concept proposes a choice of four paint wraps, four bumpers, four wheel covers, and four […]


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