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Fastest hot isostatic press delivered for 3D printing post-production

Quintus Technologies has delivered what it says is the world’s fastest fan-driven Hot Isostatic Press (HIP) to Italy’s PRES-X, an innovative start-up based in Italy established to meet the post-production needs of 3D printed metal components.


Installation of the press, model QIH 60 M URC for the additive manufacturing (AM) industry, distinguishes PRES-X as the first company worldwide to deploy the special fan-driven HIP that was specifically designed for the AM industry. The QIH 60’s High Pressure Heat Treatment (HPHT) capability makes it possible to eliminate several operations in the AM production line, creating a more cost-effective process. With Quintus’s proprietary Uniform Rapid Cooling (URC) technology, a cooling rate of 1500K/minute can be achieved while minimizing thermal distortion and non-uniform grain growth, producing finished 3D printed parts with optimal material properties. The combination of HIP and in-process heat treatment aligns with the PRES-X strategy to shorten the AM production […]


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