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Fastech AI Blockchain and the $3 Billion Fashion Industry part 1

Gudrun Sjödén is a Green Fashion Designer based in Sweden By Dinis Guarda and Francesca Giobbi With Hernaldo Turrillo AI and Blockchain are the foundational trust technologies of our time. Blockchain or distributed ledger technologies have a holistic DNA and multiple capacities that can fix issues such as supply chain track record to create trust in provenance of products, identify sources of production and manufacturing and also fix some middle men serious issues. AI on the other hand can improve from all areas of understanding data to optimisation of processes in the global business landscapes. These are optimisation of resources, preview issues and finding the best approach to tackle issues, automate and predict and manage in real time high concerns of production, distribution and quantify and optimise processes and operations. The challenges however with these advanced and new technologies is that it requires lots of maturity and a strong […]


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