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Faro launches RevEng scan-to-CAD software

Faro launches RevEng scan-to-CAD software

Written by David

February 20, 2019

3D measurement and imaging leader, Faro has introduced a new scan-to-CAD software solution for its Faro Design ScanArm and Faro 8-Axis FaroArm scanners. The new software platform, Faro RevEng , has been designed to address design and reverse engineering challenges for a range of industries including the automotive aftermarket, heritage preservation, engineering services and more. Equipped with advanced algorithms that are said to significantly reduce processing time, the software allows users to capture and display geometrically accurate point clouds with a clear, true to life colour representation of the scanned object and convert them into a high-quality mesh. RevEng also comes packed with a set of tools to edit and optimise the mesh model for further design purposes. The output can be a watertight mesh model, mesh shell optimised for 3D printing, or a collection of 2D and 3D curves to feed into the CAD modelling stage of the […]


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