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Famous paintings could be 3D printed to be hung around the world

Famous paintings could be 3D printed to be hung around the world

Written by David

November 30, 2018

The RePaint AI system can accurately recreate paintings with the help of 3D printing, regardless of different the lighting conditions shown. The original painting is shown top and the AI creation is shown below Credit: MIT Art galleries could one day replace priceless masterpieces with replicas that look virtually identical to the real thing thanks to a new 3D printing technique. The technique combines artificial intelligence (AI) with 3D printing to faithfully recreate colours from an original artwork with remarkable accuracy. It works by using 3D printing to stack ten different transparent inks in wafer-thin thin layers on a canvas. The method, known as RePaint is combined with a decades-old technique called half-toning, where an image is created by tiny coloured dots rather than in continuous tones. Blending both of these captures the nuances of the different colours in extraordinary detail, making a copy indistinguishable from the original. Scientists […]


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